Boy Interlude cover

Boy Interlude

by Aidan Forster

engulfment: cover


by Tyrone S. Palmer

engulfment: cover

Ode to the Far Shore

by Khaty Xiong

letters to ghosts cover

letters to ghosts

by Jasmine Sierra

darkling cover


by Emily Corwin

Monsoon Dream cover

Monsoon Dream

by Topaz Winters

Which Way to Go, or Here cover

Which Way to Go …

by A. Buchanan, B. Piller

chapbook cover


by Wendy Taylor Carlisle

In Transit cover

In Transit

by Eki̇n Aydoğdu

Interval’s Night cover

Interval’s Night

by Robert Okaji

Interrogation I cover

Interrogation I

by Ruth Baumann

here, is a dying lung cover

here, is a dying lung

by Adam Gregory

Complacency cover


by Adrian Bourgeois

Like Any Good Daughter cover

Like Any Good Daughter

by Geula Geurts

I could feel the afterglow cover

I could feel the afterglow

by Megan Giddings

to make a desert cover

to make a desert

by Amy K. Cannon

Self-Portrait Series cover

Self-Portrait Series

by Addison Namnoum

where the body ends cover

where the body ends

by Megan Leonard

The Fiction of Flying cover

The Fiction of Flying

by Wing Yau

To Carthage cover

To Carthage

by Subashini Navaratnam

Ocean’s Children cover

Ocean’s Children

by Olivia Mira-Hu

Getting Ready cover

Getting Ready

by Jill Jones

Dear Suki: letters cover

Dear Suki: letters

by Lana Bella

Let Me Show You How to Drown cover

Let Me Show You …

by Bryce Emley

What is 2412?

In 2016 we released twenty-four mini-digital-chapbooks, one per day, through the first 24 days of December. Read them, print them, fold them into tiny books and carry them with you.


How do I get the chapbooks?

These mini-chapbooks are only available digitally and are free to download. There are two ways to read them:

  1. download the PDF version and read on any device, or
  2. download and print a simplified A4 version (double-sided), and follow these instructions to make yourself a mini-book.
Image representing: ‘print them, fold them into tiny books and carry them with you’