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In this collection of poems, A. Davida Jane writes with a sharply honed honesty. She writes of sleepless nights, of days spent alone, but also of the reasons to keep fighting—be it poetry, a girl, the sky, or even the promise of one day feeling okay again.

This is a terrific new collection—assured, inventive, moving, funny, coherent in its themes and motifs. ~ Antonia H Jackson

If I highlighted every line I loved in this poetry collection, the book would be more bright yellow than white. ~ Elvier Roegiers

# First edition, limited print run – $10.00


A Study in Restoration

This is all we are left with;
this is all we love with.
Let’s rehearse putting our bones
back together, fitting jagged edge
into jagged edge and
tying it up with string.

I keep trying to build a dam—
I keep coming up rainstorm,
I keep coming up flood.

Empty my mind of water. I think,
surely a drought’s better than drowning.

I’m writing a letter to the
bruises in the crooks of my elbows,
the ink is smudged, but you can still
make out the words, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m sending it via Heaven, so God
can add his own apology to the end.

We’re a cracked window in the
wall of a haunted house.
Let’s practice taping ourselves back
together for when we run out of forgiveness.

This looks like absolution,
which means first it must have looked like sin.