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Tell me, Atlas. What is heavier: the world or its people’s hearts?

In her debut poetry collection, Darshana Suresh explores what it means to be alive, and how hurting and healing can often be overwhelmingly intertwined.

She does not write about recovery. Instead, she writes about carrying on until you are ready to recover.

Suresh is an elegant writer, completely unafraid to delve into the dark—though she always, in the end, contrasts it with light. ~ Lesley LeRoux, reviewed in Vagabond City

These [poems] are written with very promising skill. […] This is a very strong start. ~ Bethany W. Pope, reviewed in Sabotage Reviews

[Suresh’s] poetry is achingly beautiful… ~ Abigail Pearson, reviewed in Rambling Writer

[Suresh] writes like her breath is caught in her throat and she doesn’t know if she has enough time to say everything she needs to. ~ Madeleine C.

… there was something about this collection that I couldn’t let go of. It was captivating and hard to put down … ~ Katie Michelle

# First edition, second print run – $10.00


To the Wanderers / The Unsouled

The night called me yesterday,
called me & handed me its
stars one by one, a starfish
pulling its own limbs apart.

Called me & gave me Distance
wrapped in newspaper. Like
a perverse gift I thanked
with my tears.

Called me & threw me a
life-sized atlas of the world,
put me in the smallest corner
that was possible to exist in.

Said, ‘find your way out now.’

Hung up.

Distance: the space between her
heart & mine.

Distance: the space between my
heart & my body.

The night called and said, ‘find
your way out now
,’ and I’m trying.

I’m still trying.