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In her debut collection, Venetta Octavia ventures inwards on a personal journey to discover the light within.

She writes of how love and loss are often the same thing—a reflection that defines who we are—but also, how the stories we breathe life into are only the creations of our own mind.

Prelude to Light is intense, menacing, and visceral to the point of gasping. ~ Melissa Jennings

I have no problem falling into words and feeling them deeply, and so much of this book, I feel so very, very deeply … it was raw and real. ~ Jackie M.

# First edition, limited print run – $10.00


Say Maybe, the Lake

Say broken glass on the sidewalk. Say the honey afterwards for your burning throat. Say cold hands, hands that don’t hold on tight enough. Say seven times seven equals the number of stars we’ve counted. Maybe it’s true, maybe we forgot, maybe I’ve only ever seen one star in my life. Say the penny’s dropped—we both know what happens from here. Say footsteps on the path and the fading light, say the key in the lock one last time. Say your shadow getting into the car and driving away. Say it’s summer, say it’s the heatwave that made you disappear.