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The words of T.S. Eliot have had a lasting effect on Corey’s life and works, and it is this heavy influence that provides the backdrop for this new collection.

… erase the poem, erase the canvas, erase the moment.


Signs & Wonders

Tea leaves in an empty cup
tell the hours to the dying breath
of a dying man in a dirty bed
floating in a vacuum in the mind of God.

     Angels falling.

The stars are falling. The rain is falling.
A falling star is calling
to a passing moon
(an indifferent moon)
also falling in the vacuum
forming in the mind of God.

The teacup cracks, breaks,
spills its auguries, wrapped in tea leaves,
on the terrible bed.

And the huddled masses
stand along the other shore
to greet the passing vagrant
in his journey of a thousand steps away
(far, far away)
from home.