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These poems grew out of the years spent on the streets, in the bars, squatting in derelict houseboats, and getting high with friends and lovers in Sausalito.

… something stares out, from the nothing, surrounding everything.

Corey is a poet who has trodden his own path in life; consequently his unique style is hard to categorise. And of course, that is where his work’s truest quality lies. ~ Matthew J. Hall, reviewd in Screaming with Brevity

The imagery of the collection blends the wildness of nature, the dark mischief of classic fairy tales, and high mythology of the Bible, all distorted through the crass and gritty lens of early 1960s California. ~ David Nilsen

[Corey is] a special poet with a unique writing style that will leave the reader mesmerized and astonished. ~ Jay L. Reynolds

# Second edition.


Mermaid Watching

The mermaids
are singing out at sea,

the bees
are drowning in their honey;

old men
hide in imaginary caves
to draw pictographs
on each other’s dirty faces.

Farther out at sea,
the mermaids trade embraces

while we, lying on the shore,
brush the sand from each other’s thighs
while listening to the moon’s laments,

the mermaids’ sighs.