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Shards of Glass spans eighty years of life, seventy years of poetry, and a multitude of faiths. This collection has been compiled by Platypus Press from the works and publications of L.G. Corey.

Here is a wild bard, you may be sure. I have begun to think of him as ‘a poised visionary,’ because he is fearless, yet able to stand firm on the well-chiseled ground he invents. … [This collection] delivers from the first page on and I find myself taking lines out of it and holding them through the day and into the night as it sparkles. ~ Neeli Cherkovski (from his foreword)

These poems come from a place of contemplative meditation and as such, I’m loath to analyse them … Here is a poet who recognises the contract between writer and reader. He has recorded his revelations and set them free for individual interpretation. This is achieved through strong imagery which captures the in between; the hidden sinews that hold all of us together—sound, light, the living, the dead, the prosaic and the profound as one entity of many parts. ~ Matthew J. Hall of Screaming with Brevity (from his introduction)

Regarding L.G. Corey’s previous collections from Platypus Press:

The imagery of the collection blends the wildness of nature, the dark mischief of classic fairy tales, and high mythology of the Bible, all distorted through the crass and gritty lens of early 1960s California. ~ David Nilsen

[Corey is] a special poet with a unique writing style that will leave the reader mesmerized and astonished. ~ Jay L. Reynolds

This is one poetry book that never ceases to amaze me! Just when I think it can’t get better, the next poem blows me away farther than the last! ~ Matthew Greenlee

You can purchase our previously published L.G. Corey collections on Amazon: The Kalidas Verses, Rats’ Alley Poems & Sausalito Poems.

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Concrete Steps

Late-like afternoon.
Blue hour
of uncertain shades:

smoke and fog

on Wolfback Ridge,
creeping down
the concrete steps

to cruise the streets
of Sausalito
hand in hand.