Cover features a stylised wine bottle cracked in two.

The Eye of a Needle

Jennifer Tseng

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In The Eye of a Needle, as a housekeeper makes plans to give her husband a birthday surprise, she learns how money affects people’s perceptions, their judgement, and how she sees herself.

Jennifer Tseng is an award-winning poet and fiction writer whose most recent collection is The Passion of Woo and Isolde (Rose Metal Press, 2017). She is the 2018 Distinguished Visiting Writer at Oregon State University - Cascades and she lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

Praise & Reviews

Stark, elliptical, beautiful. — Nuala

I love these stories for their tight and complex architectures, for their dark corners, and for their willingness to shine a light on all the people we’ve been and all we might become. — T Kira Madden

In these beautiful stories, you’ll see yourself staring right back, mouthing the words, ‘Keep turning the pages. It’ll be okay—maybe not now, but someday.’ — Michael J Seidlinger