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The Going and Goodbye is an examination of loss and leaving and the search for meaning in the memories that remain. Tracing a path through rural Ohio, the American south and small towns of Mexico, these stories breathe life into a marriage and its dissolution; find a voice that fears mortality then faces it; explore faith in the face of these losses; and ultimately reveal the power of love and letting go.

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In this luminous memoir Shuly Cawood dives into the deepest of waters—health and illness, the bonds of family, intimacy and its unraveling—and emerges with a treasure. The writing is beautiful, both spare and lush, and the wisdom to be discovered there is genuine and hard won. The Going and Goodbye is a revelation. ~ Matthew Goodman, New York Times bestselling author

These true stories about love and loss will recalibrate your heart. … There’s language that surprises and stuns, that forces you to catch your breath again and again and holds the very rhythm of sensation. … This is a brave writer who moves lyrically and fearlessly toward self-knowledge, a writer who is willing to probe the darkness in the chambers of her own heart, not just the hearts of others. Hope in this book is realistic and hard-won. This is a voice you can trust with your life. ~ Joyce Dyer, author of Gum-Dipped and Goosetown

This memoir ranges all over the past while creating a steady sense of forward motion through the narrator’s life. I think of these two streams of energy as lyric and narrative, the circling and moving forward. The two have a great dynamic here, which keeps this memoir surprising and fresh. ~ Kathryn Rhett, author of Souvenir and Immortal Village

In this lovely memoir the narrator, although strongly rooted in a particular place, is always on the move into the unknown. … The lyrical, fluid style immediately invites the reader along for the ride. I read this with great pleasure! ~ Bobbie Ann Mason, author of In Country

Powerful writing that reminds readers the time with loved ones is both precious and limited. ~ Rachael Dreyer, reviewed in Library Journal

[The Going and Goodbye] is peppered with flashes of profundity wrapped in astute observations. ~ Rodney Gómez, reviewed in Latino Book Review

Cawood’s writing [is] beautifully spare throughout this volume. ~ Karen Elias, reviewed in The Main Street Rag

Finding nonfiction that accurately captures the feeling of events both big and small can prove a challenge; however, The Going and Goodbye achieves this feat and much more. ~ Kelsey Asher, reviewed in The New Southern Fugitives

Each pithy chapter has the vibe of a classic black and white photograph. ~ Book Nook on WYSO 91.3FM

[Cawood] takes the reader on a journey into her heart and although she takes her time, the narrative never lags. … It’s a prime example of how talented writers can make the specifics of their life seem universal. ~ Chris Wolak, reviewed in WildmooBooks

The Going and Goodbye is a gorgeously conceived expedition of a book. ~ Vick Mickunas, reviewed in Yellow Spings News (read full review here)

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Rob had pale skin, like winter, thick eyebrows and green eyes the shade of a sea I had only seen in pictures. I had long dark hair and slender fingers that might have played piano well but did not, and a dimple that only appeared when I smiled. We were both twenty-eight and had known each other for five months. Days before that amusement park ride, we had decided to spend our lives together.

I was the one who had seen the ride and wanted to try it. I thought I knew exactly what it would be like. I often thought that then—that I could guess the future and be right. Now I look back on that day—and so many others before and after—and wonder at all the things I missed.