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“The poem has no more meaning than a spider’s web.”

Corey’s poems carry no message nor point-of-view, their sole purpose in being is for its own sake.

… and what remains, fills the vacuum of an open mouth.

It is amazing to read the many verses that I swear tumble and turn into optical illusions with constant new images page after page. Poetry is always seeking original style, form and shift of order, and the time is right for The Kalidas Verses. ~ Caite Bonham

This is one poetry book that never ceases to amaze me! Just when I think it can’t get better, the next poem blows me away farther than the last! ~ Matthew Greenlee

# Second edition.


The Laws of Physics

A body in motion
tends to stay in motion

on another motionless body

floating, motionless,
at the bottom of a puddle
of sea-foam floating
to the surface of the sea,

endlessly rocking.