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The Quieting is a limited edition, hand-bound, letter-pressed anthology. Ten contributors each provided a small piece of work that encapsulates what softness and light means to them.

From hunted deer to boneless whales, from the scents of home to the expanding universe, The Quieting is a delicate journey in an otherwise wild world.

The Quieting is a lovely collection of poetry, brimming and overflowing with softness and emotion. The ten poems captured within are tiny snapshots, moments in time frozen forever in ember, linked by the constant sense of a quiet that cannot be described as anything but itself. It is breaking and learning to repair yourself, it is a sunflower blooming in the gentlest of lights. It is a tiny thing of beauty that deserves to be read. ~ Rishika Aggarwal, on Goodreads

[A] gorgeous book … infused with stillness. ~ Sally-Shakti Willow

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# Limited Edition of 50 – $8.50