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Reaching inwards to explore the self; reaching back to explore what made us who we are.

In this collection of fifty poems, Elisabeth Hewer ponders love and the world, whilst tackling the inexplicable desires and dangers that thread through our daily lives.

At times hopeful, at times despairing, her poems ruminate on all the things we come up against, even if, on occasion, it’s only ourselves.

This poetry collection was absolutely breathtaking. ~ Alice Lippart, reviewed in The Book Castle

Hewer so artfully melds her own experience with the rugged and untamed force we know as nature. ~ Logan Wood, reviewed in Tongue Tied Mag

For a debut, Wishing for Birds already feels accomplished, eloquent, and intimate, ultimately, an insightful collection of poetry that is asking to be relished. ~ Emma Burridge, reviewed in The Terror of Knowing

At the core of this book there is a softness, an ache that demands to be felt, demands answers from the unknown. ~ Carly Racklin

Breathtaking! These poems are a treat to read (and reread). Every time I go through them again I notice new things. ~ Jay Littman

Please note: the anniversary edition released in October 2016—with ten new poems and newly designed cover—is now sold out.


Girl / Sea

I keep calling you an ocean:
implying powerful, meaning careless.

I’m at the beach as the storm comes in.
I wish you didn’t want to be like the water.

You’re like the waves—
you break as many times
as you build.

You’re writing manuals on how to be ferocious
but you’re coming apart at the seams.