Cover features an spider dangling inside a stomach.


Kristen Arnett

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In Arachnophobia, a woman struggles to overcome the growing heat within her, as emotions bubble and burn like a spider bite to the stomach.

Kristen Arnett is a queer fiction and essay writer. She won the 2017 Coil Book Award for her debut short fiction collection, Felt in the Jaw, and was awarded Ninth Letter’s 2015 Literary Award in Fiction. Her debut novel, Mostly Dead Things, will be published by Tin House Books in Summer 2019. She is represented by Pande Literary.

Praise & Reviews

As always, Kristen Arnett renders details so sublime and sentences so orchestral it’s as if every character and object in a room contain their own ghost stories. — T Kira Madden

Arnett’s [story] is a reflection on the physical manifestation of emotions. — Nada Sewidan, in Portland Review

In these beautiful stories, you’ll see yourself staring right back, mouthing the words, ‘Keep turning the pages. It’ll be okay—maybe not now, but someday.’ — Michael J Seidlinger