Cover features a bright red and blue abstract image of a heart/water with the text ‘I HATE YOU’ repeated across it’s centre.

Constellations of Eve

Abbigail Nguyen Rosewood

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978-1-913007-18-8 · 240 pages · 129 × 198 mm · Aug. 2022

Three realities.
One love story.

As Eve’s life shifts and reshapes, she must strive to unearth the same thing she’s always sought: wholeness.

Alternating as mother-artist-friend-lover, and through obsession, grief, and the illusion of having it all, she must navigate the imperceptible moments that shape us all, keenly riding the pitches and contours of her volatile life. Constellations of Eve paints an artistic world, one of love and despair, where our decisions—however well intended—can create wholly unexpected outcomes.

A philosophical tale, it wrestles with our most intimate intentions and lays bare the cost of all-consuming love across multiple experiences. [UK edition]

* Paperback Original with French flaps.

Abbigail Nguyen Rosewood is a Vietnamese and American author who holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University. She is the author of If I Had Two Lives and the founder of Neon Door, an immersive art exhibit.

Praise & Reviews

Praise for the US edition:

Rosewood’s prose tends toward the figurative and lyrical… [and] Her characters regularly exhibit an idiosyncratic impulsiveness… [that can] surprise and sometimes terrify. — The New York Times

In strikingly searing prose, Rosewood unfolds a compelling story of betrayal and obsession. — BuzzFeed

With its three versions of a romance, Rosewood’s exquisite and experimental novel in stories offers a transfixing meditation on love, envy, and obsession. — Publishers Weekly, starred review

[A] nuanced and penetrating look at creation, love and obsession that changes over time and varies by individual. — Ms. Magazine

A literary jewel, where hope for true and restful love is unexpectedly lost and found. — Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, co-founder of DVAN

Constellations of Eve, written in exquisite, pointillistic detail, is an impeccable title for Abbigail Rosewood’s brilliant new novel. — Binnie Kirshenbaum

A faithful and meticulous rendering of life, love, art, lust, beauty, obsession, and death. — Matthew Sharpe