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Hasanthika Sirisena

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In Duration, a country in the throes of civil war brings two women together, each with a longing for something; for family, for freedom, for their unknown futures.

Hasanthika Sirisena is the author of the short story collection The Other One.

Praise & Reviews

Hasanthika Sirisena is a masterful storyteller. A riveting page-turner, artfully paced and gorgeously written. — Anne Valente

In this taut, masterfully controlled work, Sirisena examines the cumulative impact of repression and how violence inflicted on both the physical world and the psyche fragments human life into parts. A rare story that examines modernity, a clash of cultures and how human connection can be at once so frail and yet so fraught between complete strangers. — Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Sirisena’s story transmogrifies from page to page, deceptively structured as a procedural only to shapeshift into a complex negotiation between cogs in the war machine—all the while engaging in universal themes of family, sexuality, and identity. You’ll be rapt from beginning to the surprising, wow-worthy end. — Leland Cheuk