Cover features two circles made up of two overlapping rings: one a stained circle, the other a wreath like pattern.

Every Dark Waning

A. Davida Jane

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978-1-9997736-5-6 · 80 pages · 5.5 × 8.5″ · Jun. 2016

In this collection of poems, A. Davida Jane writes with a sharply honed honesty. She writes of sleepless nights, of days spent alone, but also of the reasons to keep fighting—be it poetry, a girl, the sky, or even the promise of one day feeling okay again.

A. Davida Jane is a bisexual poet and aspiring novelist from Wellington, New Zealand. She studies English Literature and Classics at Victoria University, and hopes to continue those studies abroad in later years. Growing up she could always be found with a book in her hand, and now often a pen, but either way she is almost always thinking about words.

Praise & Reviews

Assured, inventive, moving, funny. — Antonia H Jackson

If I highlighted every line I loved in this poetry collection, the book would be more bright yellow than white. — Elvier Roegiers