Cover features an abstract illustration of two dart flights.

Griddlecakes or The Word Above Grief

Jenessa Abrams

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In Griddlecakes or The Word Above Grief, a young girl learns to understand her brother—his quiet moods, his stories, his love for his dog—against the destructive backdrop of September 11.

Griddlecakes received a ‘Special Mention’ in the 2020 Saboteur Awards in the ‘Best Novella’ category.

Jenessa Abrams is a Norman Mailer fiction fellow. Her writing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in Guernica, BOMB Magazine, Tin House, and elsewhere.

Praise & Reviews

These inventive stories will impress you not just with their range of styles, premises, and thematic concerns, but with their focus on matters of the human heart. — Leland Cheuk