Cover features a painting depicting a sunset burning across a dark horizon.


Meredith Clark

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978-1-913007-08-9 · 160 pages · 129 × 198 mm · Oct. 2020

Windows, mouths, buttonholes.
Frames making use of an absence.

Lyrebird is a story of loss, told in fragments. It is the documentation of a miscarriage and the chronicle of the dissolution of a relationship—a moving discovery on how it is possible to approach a thing with tenderness and still watch it break.

In this short lyric memoir, Meredith Clark delves into light, memory, and the crushing absence of things not yet known.

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Meredith Clark is a poet and writer whose work has received Black Warrior Review’s non-fiction prize, and appeared in Phoebe, Gigantic Sequins, Denver Quarterly, Poetry Northwest, and elsewhere. She lives in Seattle, and is currently at work on a second book.

Praise & Reviews

Each sentence is finely crafted. Poetic and heartbreakingly wise. The images linger in you with a kind of elemental truth that feels like breath. — Arisa White

[Lyrebird] slowly circles its heartbreak through understatement, poetic revelation, imagistic accord. It admits to its shortcomings gracefully, knows there is no way to write what cannot be undone. — Jenny Boully

Loose with ghosts, absences, light, shadow, memory, time, and dreamwork, [Lyrebird’s] moving song is perforated with echoes and shards of our beautiful earth, our lost secrets, and the things for which we long and of which we let go. — Jennifer S. Cheng

Lyrebird conjures life from absence, and part of that conjuring means attending to the world around and beyond us. […] Meredith Clark has written a glowing portal that calls us through to wherever we need to go. — Steven Dunn