Cover features several large characters from the word ‘tongue’ positioned diagonally across the cover.

Mannish Tongues

jayy dodd

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978-0-9935321-7-7 · 112 pages · 156 × 234 mm · Feb. 2017

To speak in tongues is to be possessed / overcome by your own body. This collection speaks to these charades of understanding / some things about language, something about possessions & higher powers.

jayy dodd is a blxk question mark from los angeles, california, based on the internet. they are a writer & editor & performance artist. antagonistically queer & unapologetically blxk, they were raised to be a preaching cowboy—this is the next best thing. their first collection of poems, [sugar in the tank], was released on Pizza Pi Press.

Praise & Reviews

Mannish Tongues asks its readers to reckon with the materials out of which memory, desire, family, and faith emerge. — Keguro Macharia

[T]he unclassifiable beauty of Mannish Tongues begins with jayy’s take on a poetic line. — Robert Lashley

[A]n honest and lyrical exploration of gender, sexuality, and Blackness. — Latonya Pennington, Pride

Every time I read their words, I leave [the] Earth. — Morgan Jerkins

[An] incredible poetry collection. — AFROPUNK

Singular, wrought, rhythmic, pulsing. — Devin Kelly

[A] linguistic treat. — Ian McMillan