Cover features the title of the book in large text and interweaving lines with stylised stroke versions representing cliffs, the ocean, desert, and forest.

on a distant ridgeline

Sam Reese

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978-1-913007-13-3 · 192 pages · 129 × 198 mm · Sep. 2021

In his second collection, on a distant ridgeline, Sam Reese creates twelve vivid and tenderly drawn tales with moments and memories that linger just out of reach. Between the past and present and potential reconciliations—and with a keen eye on the subtle balance of human connection—relationships and their fractured qualities are central to this new gathering of stories.

Hailing from Aotearoa, Sam Reese is an award-winning writer, critic, and teacher. Currently a lecturer in creative writing at York St John University, he is the author of the short story collection Come the Tide and non-fiction books on jazz, literature and loneliness, American short fiction, and Cold War politics.

Praise & Reviews

The quiet power of these stories lies in their intimacy and tenderness. — Naomi Booth

An ardent observer of the understated, Reese’s expansive stories amplify life’s quiet moments in crisp, clear prose. A bright, new collection that glimmers and shines. — Ryan Ridge

A book of richly detailed place, with characters that are afraid, and searching, and determined, and flawed, and utterly, finally, human, Reese has given us a handful of jewels, flashing bright under a grey sky. I savoured every word. — Lindsay Hunter

One to watch this year. — Daisy Johnson

… this is one of those collections where there are no misses. – Charles Heathcote, Youtube