Cover features distorted sound wave patterns on either side of the cover.

Prelude to Light

Venetta Octavia

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978-1-9997736-6-3 · 80 pages · 5.5 × 8.5″ · Jul. 2016

In her debut collection, Venetta Octavia ventures inwards on a personal journey to discover the light within. She writes of how love and loss are often the same thing—a reflection that defines who we are—but also, how the stories we breathe life into are only the creations of our own mind.

Venetta Octavia is a poet from Singapore who spends far too much time eating ice cream and mochi, and lying down with her two dogs, a cocker spaniel named Giorgio and a Labrador named Tessa. She manages the online zine monsterzine, and has self published two chapbooks, Epoch and Voyage & Peaches. She believes in light, and thinks you should too.

Praise & Reviews

Prelude to Light is intense, menacing, and visceral to the point of gasping. — Melissa Jennings

Raw and real. — Jackie M.