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Small digital fictions

Griddlecakes or The Word Above Grief

Jenessa Abrams No. #2.8

Waiting for the Rain

Aram Mrjoian No. #2.7

The Elm Bark Beetles of Morrow Lane

John Elizabeth Stintzi No. #2.6

The Polluted

Sofia Mostaghimi No. #2.5


Aaron Burch No. #2.4


Hasanthika Sirisena No. #2.3

The Children

Zahid Gamieldien No. #2.2

Now We Get Over It

Michelle Bailat-Jones No. #2.1

Nada Town

Jenny Wu No. #1.12

The Love Song of G. Madhvi Suresh

Sarah Thankam Mathews No. #1.11

Trying to Grow

Shuly Xóchitl Cawood No. #1.10

New Placid

Jimin Han No. #1.9

The Eye of a Needle

Jennifer Tseng No. #1.8


Hala Alyan No. #1.7

Against the Dust

Nur Nasreen Ibrahim No. #1.6


Kristen Arnett No. #1.5

The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying but so Are We

Leesa Cross-Smith No. #1.4

They Belong Only to Themselves

Brandon Taylor No. #1.3

A Map of the Island

Jae Kim No. #1.2


Beth Hahn No. #1.1

Praise & Reviews

This series is one to watch if you want to see what is happening next with our literature—a one of a kind selection of stories by some of the best rising new talents around. — Alexander Chee

Platypus Press has become one of the beacons supporting unique, tantalizing work in short and long-form. I am a particular fan of the press’ digital short fiction, in which they have shown they are in no way limited by genre, nor do they limit the artists they publish and nurture. With stellar and attractive layout and cover designs, as well as a keen eye for stories rich in detail and singular in scope, the series—with work by Brandon Taylor, Hasanthika Sirisena, Jimin Han, and Kristen Arnett, among others—has showcased the vast range of writers we need to add to our shelves. — Jennifer Baker

In 2019, the first season’s covers were shortlisted for best overall ‘Series Design’ by The Academy of British Cover Design.

Cover illustrations by Roman Muradov.

Roman is an award-winning author and illustrator living in San Francisco. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Paris Review, and Vogue, among others. His books include On Doing Nothing, (In A Sense) Lost & Found, Jacob Bladders and the State of the Art and The End of a Fence.