Cover features the word 'Shorts' in large text, as well as '1'.

Shorts, Volume One

Stories from 2018’s digital-first series

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978-1-913007-02-7 · 288 pages · 129 × 198 mm · Jul. 2019

In these eleven stories—collected from the first year of Platypus Press’ Shorts digital fiction series—we meet a jaded group of teenagers as they gather by the river to avoid their strained home lives, a servant haunted by his kindly master in the stifling summer heat, and a lost daughter still searching for her mother. Travel through time: over mountains, across islands, to a dystopian near-future, to the places where families and memories are scattered like dreams.

Featuring stories from: Beth Hahn, Jae Kim, Leesa Cross-Smith, Kristen Arnett, Nur Nasreen Ibrahim, Hala Alyan, Jennifer Tseng, Jimin Han, Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, Sarah Thankam Mathews, and Jenny Wu.

Anthology edited by Michelle Tudor.

Please note: this volume includes eleven of the twelve stories from 2018.

Praise & Reviews

This series is one to watch if you want to see what is happening next with our literature—a one of a kind selection of stories by some of the best rising new talents around. — Alexander Chee

Platypus is publishing some of the most compelling short stories being written—stories that engage your intellect yet also twist your gut. These rich fictions lure you in until you find you are reading a far more devastating story than the one you started. — Elise Blackwell

I love these stories for their tight and complex architectures, for their dark corners, and for their willingness to shine a light on all the people we’ve been and all we might become. — T Kira Madden

In these beautiful stories, you’ll see yourself staring right back, mouthing the words, ‘Keep turning the pages. It’ll be okay—maybe not now, but someday.’ — Michael J Seidlinger

The work in this series is deftly crafted and deeply engaging, compelling and resonant and elegantly written. With stories from the sharpest writers of contemporary short fiction, this is the short story at its best. — Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum