Cover features the word 'Shorts' in large text, as well as '3'.

Shorts, Volume Three

Stories from 2020’s digital-first series

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978-1-913007-12-6 · 320 pages · 129 × 198 mm · Jul. 2021

In these ten stories—collected from the third year of Platypus Press’ Shorts digital fiction series—an author moves to rural France where she starts to question her own reality, a man is famous for nothing but his repetition, and, in a provincial college town, someone seeks the perfect place to bury their time capsule. At the forefront are people: their long-forgotten histories and their floundering steps into an unknowable future.

Featuring stories from: Vesna Main, Juliana Crespo, Sam Reese, Patricia Patterson, Prabda Yoon (tr. Mui Poopoksakul), Nicholas Russell, Yeji Ham, Chris Ames, Thisbe Nissen, and Claire Jimenez.

Anthology edited by Michelle Tudor.

Praise & Reviews

This collection startles the reader with a range of invigorating voices and their striking characters. — Sahar Mustafah

These are elegantly crafted stories that reveal worlds within worlds, with beautiful landscapes that are unexpected, stirring and true. — Mahesh Rao