Cover features an abstract illustration of a cello and violin intermingled.

The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying but so Are We

Leesa Cross-Smith

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In The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying but so Are We, a cellist and actor weigh up the many facets of their marriage; of exes, of potentials, of the endurance of human relationships.

Leesa Cross-Smith is a homemaker and the author of Whiskey & Ribbons and Every Kiss A War. She lives in Kentucky.

Praise & Reviews

Cross-Smith writes with such pristine awareness and bright humor one wishes they could repeat every sentence like a spell. This story of desire, music, and transposition shows us love, more than anything, and all the unexpected places it may creep in. — T Kira Madden

The work in this series is deftly crafted and deeply engaging, compelling and resonant and elegantly written. With stories from the sharpest writers of contemporary short fiction, this is the short story at its best. As a reader—and as a writer—it’s so good to see excellent short fiction beautifully presented, and in a format that makes it easily accessible to its audience. — Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum

Leesa Cross-Smith subtly conveys the power jealousy has over relationships. — Nada Sewidan, in Portland Review

Evocative, emotional and well worth the read. — Agatha Zaza

In these beautiful stories, you’ll see yourself staring right back, mouthing the words, ‘Keep turning the pages. It’ll be okay—maybe not now, but someday.’ — Michael J Seidlinger