Cover features an old sail boat on the ocean, with the text centred in a diamond-shaped box.

The Sea That Beckoned

Angela Gabrielle Fabunan

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978-1-9997736-9-4 · 48 pages · 156 × 234 mm · Apr. 2019

From the silt shores of yesterday, where land meets ocean, where here meets there, The Sea That Beckoned is an exploration of all those places we’ve sought to call home. The ghosts of the past intertwine and dissipate, colliding and coalescing with our seemingly assured present. It is a book of recollections, of understanding, of our continued search for belonging.

Angela Gabrielle Fabunan was born in the Philippines and raised in New York City. She was a recipient of the prestigious Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature in 2016, and has received a Gibbons Fellowship as well as a Rutan Grant from Bowdoin College.

Praise & Reviews

A formidable, moving debut. As love song and provocation, adoration and elegy, this book defies borderlines, divines new horizons. Here, everything is perilous and possible. — R.A. Villanueva

A debut collection you’d be sorry to miss—this book highlights the importance of our past and present, and our fervent attempts to find our own sense of belonging in this world. — Romalyn Ante