Cover features an abstract illustration of two rocks atop of each other.


Aaron Burch

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In Tributaries, as a man stacks rocks to alleviate the threat of flooding to his garden, his neighbours trickle by—as his life has done—towards an unknown end.

Aaron Burch is the Founding Editor of the literary journal Hobart and the author of Backswing, a story collection, and Stephen King’s The Body, a nonfiction book about the novella that Stand By Me was based on. He’s currently working on a book of essays about music and growing up and religion and other stuff, This Was All Before the Internet.

Praise & Reviews

Classically structured, precise, and empathic, Burch’s poignant portrayal of a father and husband unmoored by solitude proves that decency can be a superpower. — Leland Cheuk

Platypus is publishing some of the most compelling short stories being written—stories that engage your intellect yet also twist your gut. These rich fictions lure you in until you find you are reading a far more devastating story than the one you started. — Elise Blackwell